Ackerman Berry Farm
The Ackermans have been farming in Oregon, Ohio since the 1800's.
Fruit has always been a major part of the farm with large peach and apple orchards from the 50's to 70's.
Raspberries have been the primary focus for Gary and his family for the last 25 years.
We are currently replanting Raspberries and Blackberries with more to come!
All of our berries are sold at Farmer's Markets and in our various raspberry products.

The Farm

Gary and one of his peach trees!

Ginger, our horse.
Father Harold says, "Quality"

Gary & Carolyn stroll the Neighborhoods

Super Pickers

Harold and brother Jim with restored 1910 market wagon

Del, Harold & Del's Father Christopher

What did we get ourselves into?

Harold and Gary with newly built raspberry harvester.

One of our favorite raspberry pickers!

Festival Fun
They're waiting for You at the Market!

Workers harvesting the wheat 1930's

Harold Ackerman riding the plow 1930's

Winter Fun

Coffee Break
The Saw Mill
George R. Ackerman (Grandfather)

George & Elsie: Love is Grand
Christopher (Great grandfather)
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